International Secure Pay

The easiest way to declare your international passive revenues

You earn commissions coming from passive network development?

You earn annuities coming from a passive investment?

You receive cryptocurrencies coming from a passive investment?

The international portage has been created for you!

We offer you a simple and economic solution to declare this particular type of revenues.

What is the international portage ?

A solution to develop your activity without facing the risks and fees related to the creation of your own Company.

The international portage is for anyone who delivered a service generating a passive revenue (annuity) to a foreign Company but who can’t issue invoices to this Company because he doesn’t have a independent status.

The international portage Company collects the annuities on your behalf and reverses them to you along with a payment slip, after deduction of management fees.

What is the international portage ?


  • No costs or risks associated with the creation of a Company

  • No accounting, insurance or tax fees, bank fees...

  • No engagement

Simply process

Fast, reactive & secure

Save time & money

Frequently asked questions

Is it legal to declare money outside of your country of residence?

In fact, you continue to declare your money in your country of residence for income tax. You are simply an employee of an English umbrella company, which is absolutely no problem. You receive payslips to document your income.

Do I have to declare this money to income tax?


What are the fees applied by your umbrella company?

Management fees vary depending on the annuities received. For a annuity level of less than €50,000 in the calendar year, they amount to 7%. For a annuity level between €50,000 and €100,000, they amount to 6%. Beyond €100,000, they amount to 5%. A monthly fee of €19.90 is applied to the Intervener making at least one money transfer for the month in question.



  • Mr. L., user since October 2020

    ISP is an excellent service for receiving and reporting your income earned abroad. In addition to being punctual in the transfers made and the payslips sent, the company supports its clients during the tax declaration period, which is very appreciable!

  • Mr. A, user since January 2021

    I have been registered with ISP since January 2021 and I am very satisfied with it. For two main reasons, the first one is the stability that this status brings to me (long-term contract and payslip) and the second is the professionalism of Steffi and her collaborators. The support is very responsive which is a big advantage. I recommend ISP to anyone like me who generates passive income from overseas-based companies.

  • Mr. L, user since April 2021

    I registered on ISP (International Secure Pay) after watching a presentation in 2020. After creating my account, I waited before using your services. Since two months, I have been using my account to get salaries with my crypto earnings that I entrusted to ISP. From there and thanks to their support, I was able to recover in the form of salary the earnings that I had entrusted. Everything was fluid and secure, in my case I didn't need to create a company to fully benefit from my income. I highly recommend ISP for its seriousness, support and responsiveness, a very professional team.

  • Mr. H, member since June 2021

    In recent months, I have invested in several foreign passive investment plans, and I have looked for the best solution to declare my income without stress. Create a company is too restrictive and the taxation is heavy. Thanks to the international portage, I receive payslips every month, without the hassle of running a business, without accounting. I will declare my income as an employee from now on, while benefiting from simple management. If you generate passive and recurring income from abroad, ISP is the solution for you.