International Secure Pay

What kind of revenues can be declared through International Secure Pay?

You can declare, through International Secure Pay, international passive revenues, such as passive network development revenues, passive investments revenues, cryptocurrency earnings… Any revenues coming from a action you have done at one time and which now generates passive and regular incomes. The company that pays you must be outside your country of residence and outside UK.

Is there a minimum amount to declare monthly?

There is no minimum amount to start declaring your passive income through International Secure Pay.

Can I use your service occasionally?

Absolutely! You can use our service when you need it, which means monthly or occasionally. There are no fixed costs with International Secure Pay.

Do I have to recover all the money sent to you monthly?

No, you can decide to store your money and / or recover part of it monthly.

When do I recover the money sent to you?

Payments received between the 1st and 27th of each month can be recovered at the begenning of the next month (bank transfers are made between the 1st and the 5th of eash month). Your payment preferences can be set up from your dashboard. We advice you to always let 10 % of your passive revenues on your portage account as reserve, until you have at least 2 month of payments in stock. This reserve will secure you in case of a reduction of your annuity or a delayed payment(s) from the client or from the bank.

What are the fees applied by your umbrella company?

Management fees vary depending on the annuities received. For a annuity level of less than €50,000 in the calendar year, they amount to 7%. For a annuity level between €50,000 and €100,000, they amount to 6%. Beyond €100,000, they amount to 5%. A monthly fee of €19.90 is applied to the Intervener making at least one money transfer for the month in question.

What should I do if I don’t have health insurance?

In this case, it is imperative to subscribe to a private insurance. We advise you to contact the company "AMARIZ" for health insurance in Great Britain : Get a free month ! For that, when applying online, check "other" in step 7 and indicate "Takarabune". You can view their offers and contact them in English for any questions.

Do I have to declare this money to income tax?